Any where, any time. Let's Have a bubble party!

Bring the magic of bubbles and laughter all while practicing social distancing! We pull up with the Bubble Truck and our Great Show Man Alive will start the bubble party! Perfect for birthday celebrations and socially responsible block parties


This interactive bubble challenge will be etched into your families minds for years to come!

Wonder if the Bubble Truck is more than just bubbles? IT IS! Our parties are led my our Greatest Showman Alive party host who will have each party divide into two teams. These teams will participate in fun games and two competitive color throws and will be covered with Unicorn Sauce…making them look like they got in a fight with a rainbow and lost! This high energy sudsy party is just what you’ve been looking for! 


  • 1 hour of Bubble Awesomeness
  • Greatest Show Man Alive (Our Bubble Master) Will lead guests through a mirage of bubble challenges!
  • $240 per party with unlimited number of guests
  • Don't cancel your next party! No need to choose between a germ filled indoor playground or no party....Choose the outdoor Bubble Truck! We come to you!
  • Gallons of color changing Unicorn sauce & two colored cornstarch throws included
  • Your party will be divided into two teams of Bubbleteers and will attempt to complete skilled challenges through teamwork and awesome bubblieness. The team with the most points wins the coveted title of ULTIMATE BUBBLE MASTERS!!

Bubble Block Parties & Events 

  • Gather your kids on your block together at your place or even at a local park for an hour-long sudsy time!
  • You must have at least 15 kids to plan this event.
  • Have each kid bring a $10 bill and toss it in a bucket and prepare to get smothered with bubbles and color!
  • Bring joy to your neighborhood in a group activity while everyone can keep 6 feet or more away from one another!
  • Don't cancel your next event! No need to choose between a confined space or no party....Choose the outdoor Bubble Truck! We come to you!