About Us

What is the Bubble Truck?

The Bubble Truck is a magical truck that comes to you to provide a sudsy good time!

It’s a fun, whimsical bubble machine that brings joy and laughter everywhere it goes! This truck of fun can produce more bubbles than you have ever seen at one time! Doubt that? When was the last time you saw mountain of 8′ high bubbles!?We’ll add some magical coloring and create a rainbow of colors!

Guaranteed to bring joy and laughter to kids and adults alike, the Bubble Truck is perfect for your next party or event!

How do I prepare for a foam party

Have a plan on where you’d like the truck to park, we prefer driveways, or any flat paved surface. We recommend a 20×20 space to play in the bubbles but we’ve had bubble parties in tighter spots!

We also recommend asking your guests to wear white so that the color shows up bright and bold on their clothes. Some guests enjoy wearing goggles and we recommend wearing water friendly shoes if your event will be on hot pavement.

Ready for a bubbletastic good time?