Any where, any time. Let's Have a bubble party!

Bring the magic of bubbles, laughter and pulse pounding competition – all while practicing social distancing! We come directly to your driveway with the Bubble Truck and our Greatest Show Man Alive will start the Bubble Bash! Perfect for birthday celebrations, BBQs, community events or just because you deserve an hour of good, clean fun! 

This interactive bubble challenge will be etched into your families minds for years to come!

Wonder if the Bubble Truck is more than just bubbles? IT IS! Our parties are led my our Greatest Showman Alive party host who will have each party divide into two teams. The teams will participate in fun, fast-paced competitive games, color throws and will be covered with Unicorn Sauce…making them look like they got in a fight with a rainbow and lost! This high energy sudsy party is just what you’ve been looking for!


Weekend (Fri-Sun) 

Weekday (Mon-Thurs) 

If you are interested in a Bubble Bash shorter than one hour, please email us at houston@bubbletruck.com

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