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Ready. Set. Bubbles!

Important Info:

  • The Bubble Truck will show up around the time of show, within a 20 minute window.
  • Please have your guests wear white t-shirts so they can collect Unicorn Juice on them!
  • Please have towels ready to wipe the faces of the little ones.
  • Sometimes kids wear goggles to keep the bubbles out of their eyes.
  • The bubbles are ecofriendly and gluten free.
  • Please do not have any cars parked in the driveway or in the front of the house.
  • The bubbles will not damage the grass, but if we play the grass to much it may leave a mark.
  • We prefer to have the bubble party in the driveway
  • The show will last about 1 hour. We may ask for your assistance in cutting the cornstarch color packets open.
  • If the concrete is hot where your event is, please have kids wear crocs or other water friendly shoes.

If you see a unicorn the day of your party, it is okay to take pictures, but please DO NOT feed it anything with sugar in it! It may fly to the moon and never return!

Get ready to get your bubble color on!!!!